Best 8x32 Binoculars for Birdwatching and Nature Viewing.

If you are in the market for a 8x32 Binocular for Birdwatching, then you've probably done a bit of research and found that the Best 8x32 Binocualars are Vortex Viper HD 8x32, Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 and Kowa BD II 8x32 XD, but are wondering which one to go for.

Obviously all of these Binoculars are really High Quality made using the very best optical technologies available, to provide you with the sharpest, clearest and brightest images, and all are very compact, lightweight and have ergonomic designs perfect for nature viewing and birdwatching.

But what are the most important differences?

Field of View

Amongst the most noticeable difference between these binoculars is their Linear Field of View and Angular Field of View, and the clear winner here is the Newly Released Kowa BD II 8x32 XD Binoculars with 8.8 degree angular field of view, and Linear Field of View of 462 feet at 1000 yards.

The Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 comes second with 8 degree angular field of view and Linear Field of View of 420 Feet at 1000 yards. And last is the Vortex Viper HD 8x32.

Close Focus

If seeing things close up in great detail is important to you then the Vortex Viper HD 8x32 is the winner here with 3 Feet Close Focus, Followed by Kowa BD II 8x32 XD with 4.25 Feet Close Focus, and then Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 with 4.9 feet Close Focus.


Many people associate high price with good quality, but sometimes fail to acknowledge that some products aren't really that much better than others and you are just paying a 'Brand Premium'.

The Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 is an example of this, and costs a whopping $929.99, compared to binoculars with similar or better specs such as the Vortex Viper HD 8x32 at $659.99 and Kowa BD II 8x32 XD at only $399.99.

Best 8x32 Binocular

At USA Binoculars, we believe that the Newly Released Kowa BD II 8x32 XD Binoculars is the clear winner, with the best specs and the best price.

But don't take our work for it. Try it yourself, and see the difference, and read reviews from other customers such as Pat who gave it a 5 Star Review on 11/14/19 and says

"Small and lightweight but very sturdy. Smooth focus wheel with no slip, perfect focusing speed. These binos beat most or all of their competitors in FOV, brightness, and sharpness. There is a bit of field curvature and CA toward the edges of the field but the sweet spot is ample."

Get Your Hands on these awesome binoculars today at USA Binoculars before they sell out:


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