The Ultimate Digiscoping Guide

The Ultimate Digiscoping Guide

What's “Digiscoping” System? Digiscoping is a method of taking photographs through the combination of a spotting scope and a digital camera. By using the spotting scope as a telephoto lens, it is easy to enjoy digital photography at effective focal lengths of over 1000mm*.[Method of calculation the effective focal length]Focal length of digital camera* x Magnification of spotting scope [eyepiece] = Effective Focal Length*Ex. Using a digital camera with focal length of 114mm and an eyepiece magnification of 30x:114(mm) x 30 (magnification) = 3,420(mm) *Converted to 35mm full size format. Super-Telephotography Over 1,000mmConnecting a digital camera to a spotting scope...

Aug 26, 2018

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