Best Tool To Identify Birds

Have you ever looked at a beautiful bird and wondered "What Is That Bird?"

With over 900 species of bird species in the USA alone, it can be a be extremely challenging trying to identify what bird you had the wondrous opportunity of sighting, or even possibly capturing an inspiring photo shot of.

Fortunately, Cornell Lab of Ornithology has done all the hard lifting for you, and developed the Cornell Merlin app to helps you solve the mystery of bird sighting. This app draws from a database of over 200 million sightings submitted from birders across the United States and Canada, and asks you the same questions an expert birder would ask you, such as:

  • What color was the bird?
  • What size was it?
  • How did it behave?

Hang on, but what if you've taken hundreds or even thousands of photos during your birding adventure at your favorite National Park, and you don't remember and can't answer some of the questions? Well, that's no problems at all! The Cornell Merlin App features a Photo ID feature which can help you identify the birds you've sighted from a photograph alone...

Make your birding adventures as rewarding, educational and pleasurable as possible by downloading the Cornell Merlin App!  Click Here To Download. 

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